Why did I choose to run?

signingServing as a city councillor is a big job. I’ve attended several council meetings as I contemplated this decision and I know what is in store for me. The time commitment is huge, as is the learning curve. I have my family’s full support to take this on as I look to serve the community.

I’m not running to fix things; Spruce Grove is a thriving city headed in the right direction. We’re growing and prospering. The city is well planned. The strategic plan is a municipality’s guiding document. I’ve read it and it does a good job of outlining this council’s vision for what Spruce Grove will be as it grows. I have a desire to contribute to the direction of my community and this is how I’ve chosen to do that.

As a resident, I’ve seen how we’re heading in the right direction with growth all over the place. When I first arrived, Century Crossing was an empty field and is now a bustling shopping, dining, and entertainment area. Westwind Centre has quickly grown from nothing to a booming centre that is only continuing to expand. Jubilee Park, new communities, new schools, and many more new local businesses have all been established in recent years. Looking at the Municipal Development Plan, the City Centre Area Redevelopment Plan, and other projects in progress, this growth is only going to continue for years to come.

On the family front, my kids are now in middle school so they don’t need their dad 24×7 and my wife is fully supportive. The decision to run was one the family discussed for more than a month before we all decided that it was the right time to take this step and offer up what we could to help the community. While it’s me who will be in the role, it takes the support of the family to ensure success and we’re all on board!

Probably the most important aspect to this was a desire to give back to the community. Throughout my life, I’ve always felt the need to chip in, to help with the success of those around me and all the various communities I’ve been part of. Whether it was leading the computer club in Grade 6, or representing the Engineering Students’ Society in the University Students’ Union or volunteering for my kids’ various activities, I’ve always felt a strong desire to give myself in the service of others.

With the stars aligning on the factors above, the time was right for me to put myself out there in an effort to help the community. Being a long time resident, my roots are firmly planted and with all the positive direction, and the support of my family, I wanted to contribute to making it an even better place for all of us. I believe that my strengths, experience, and social conscience can help me represent the people of Spruce Grove, to be your voice on council, and to contribute to building on all of our positive momentum for today and for years to come.

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