I have always felt a desire to contribute and assist those around me, supporting their success. I’m someone who develops relationships and fosters teams by working to create harmony. I’m analytical and adaptable. The desire to contribute and foster a stronger sense of community is what called me to put my name forward for Spruce Grove city councilor.

Being from Edmonton, I attended the University of Alberta and completed my Bachelors in Electrical Engineering, graduating with first-class standing. I was also a representative in the Student’s Union for the Engineering Student Society and held several positions in the Electrical Engineering club that organized and ran many student events.

After university, I decided to spread my wings and moved down to “the land of opportunity” in Calgary. I took a job at Shaw Cable where I spent the first 8 years of my career in various roles ranging from operations to taking the engineering lead for Shaw’s digital cable roll-out across Canada and leading the operations centre monitoring engineering team.

It was during this period that I met a wonderful woman named Michelle Schuttler. Michelle’s family has deep roots in Spruce Grove, going back four generations. Her parents, Allan and Betty, farmed the land and ran a business directly south of Golden Spike Lumber. The farm is gone, but the land still holds significant importance as it is now home to the Spruce Grove post office and many other key local businesses.

Anyone who has ever had a long-distance relationship knows that at some point relocation is necessary. It was an easy decision for me to move to Spruce Grove. This community has adopted me and welcomed me with open arms since the first time I arrived. Now, sixteen years later, my roots are firmly planted and I am proud to call Spruce Grove “Home” with my wife Michelle and my two children, Meagan and Bennett.


Since having kids, I’ve been volunteering in many different ways from coaching and organizing for Bennett’s hockey team, to working bingos and casinos to support gymnastics, figure skating and school fundraisers. I’ve judged the local Woodhaven Science Fair and assisted in the classrooms with various learning exercises for the kids.

On the career front, I left Shaw to join Hewlett Packard just before the move from Calgary. Starting out as a Software Sales Engineer, I have since moved into the role as the North America Practice Manager where I provide leadership, support, and mentoring for a technical team of Sales Engineers across the US and Canada. In 2015, Hewlett Packard made the decision to divest their software division and sold it to UK-based Micro Focus where I continue my role leading the Practice for North America, based out of my Spruce Grove home office.

I feel my experience, leadership, and adaptability, coupled with a strong ability to listen and empathize without bias, will enable me to serve and represent Spruce Grove as well as help it continue to grow and thrive, to the benefit of all residents. Together we can build a stronger community!